Burmese Mermaid

Burmese Mermaid

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Venere Nascosta

Dance of Venus and the Earth around the Sun

The astrological Venus sometimes hides herself behind the veil of the last, twelfth house. When this occurs, the Burmese mermaid has observed that Beauty itself goes into hiding, as though dismissed or forgotten by the world. Banished. Venere nascosta.

But, astronomers engaged in the study of the physical universe have tracked Venus as she orbits around our Sun. Their findings reveal the nature of universal phenomena, also expressed as Beauty. The magic of numbers is visible all around us, all the time. But perhaps, dear Human, you have not evolved sufficiently to perceive the truth. The Burmese mermaid encourages you to stop and look profoundly at the world around you.

Watch as the combined paths of Earth and Venus create a five pointed star, also known as a pentagram.  The earliest known pentagram was found inscribed on a jar, in Thebes, Egypt, and dates back to 3100 BCE.

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