Burmese Mermaid

Burmese Mermaid

Friday, July 20, 2012

Mermaid Dreams

The Great Sirens, Paul DelVaux, 1947

Perhaps due to my recent wanderings in lush tropical waters, my dreams have been very lively, practically jumping out of the waters of my unconscious mind into full consciousness.  I appreciate my time in the tropical waters for this reason, as the Burmese Mermaid has much to learn from her dreams.  A long life span doesn't guarantee wisdom, and I haven't gained what wisdom I have from books and learning tools valued by humans.  No, I must have my dreams.  Without dreams, my feeling heart would starve and eventually die from lack of inspiration.  These periods of learning for me are precious.  Would you believe that it once happened that eighty years passed during which I could be seen procrastinating, swimming indecisively in the same oceans, back and forth, without purpose or poetry?  Something about tropical waters stimulates my unconscious mind and kindles my growth as a mermaid desirous of greater wisdom.  And now I must dive deep and nap.  With a little luck, I'll soon be dreaming colorful mermaid dreams!

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