Burmese Mermaid

Burmese Mermaid

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Where I Am Today

Thank you for stopping by. I would bet a wooden nickel that you think mermaids are make- believe. But here I am, a mermaid, and real enough! I am Burmese too and why not? I was born in the Indian Ocean, off the coast of Rangoon.

In my long life (we can live for centuries, did you know?), I have travelled through all the oceans of the world observing the affairs of humans and animals. However, I share a special kinship with those living closest to the shore or those who seek the shore, for it is here that the magnetic tides of our mother ocean speak of the yearning to return home.

I'm so happy to meet you as I journey! You may know that mermaids travel alone for long periods of time through vast watery spaces. What life we encounter along the way holds great value for us. In fact, our solitude nurtures our capacity to love you, dear human.

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